Liveblogging Thundarr the Barbarian 1.2

THAT’S it? Well, we’re not gonna try this again for at least another six-pack. You’d think the future Boston would rate a better episode. Looks like it was copyright 1981 (reading the end-credits). The ones I’ve been watching last week were copyright 1980, and were much better. But really, when you have a laser-sword wielding hero, a large, animalistic hairy compainon, and a feisty Princess in distress, I guess there’s only so many storylines you can come up with, or no? (1:21 a.m.)


Thundarr falls off a cliff, saving himself with his sun-sword lightsabre non-copyright violation weapon. Thundarr then saves Princess Aerial, the know-it-all raven-haired heroine who totally rides around in a powder-blue bathing suit.

Gorn is another bad guy/misunderstood creature with a John Matusak beard from Caveman the movie and dragon wings. Oh, and snakes for arms. Not kidding. He sounds like The Gimp in Pulp Fiction. (1:15 a.m.)

If this is Boston, why doesn’t anyone speak in a The Departed accent? I think I picked the wrong episode to liveblogg. Though Gorn has potential, maybe as a member of Kansas.

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Liveblogging Thundarr the Barbarian 1.1

Whatever they’re showing before Thundarr is using the Calexico music that they used for The Sopranos credits at the end of the episode where Tony killed Christopher. I know ’cause I got it on I-Tunes. There’s a donkey onscreen in a robber mask. Wow.

Liveblogging Thundarr the Barbarian 1.

We’re four Labatt’s in since The Baby’s gone to sleep and Boomerang is about to show “Thundarr the Barbarian” in four minutes. So what better way time than to live-blogg this historic broadcast?

NOTE: I’ve never actually live-blogged anything, so I don’t know how it works. Do you write all in one post, or do I just keep hitting the “publish post” button as I write? I don’t know! I guess we’ll figure it out. Two minutes to go.

I’m opting for the one long post up until every commercial break. I also reserve the right to go back and spell check this, since my typing is less than accurate, and my spelling worse. I’ll also add in tags and shit later.