About the blog — Blog zócalo

Pete Hamill describes a zócalo as a kind of town plaza in Mexico where citizens gather each evening to discuss politics, sport, and life in a rude democratic ideal amidst a sense of civic belonging. It is a place to learn, to share, and to understand. Hamill adds that he believes newspapers are a psychological zócalo for Americans.

This blog is partly about my interests, which largely include baseball and, of course, raising my toddler son. But this is a blog that is also about media, politics, writing and writers, the movies, TV, sports, and work, with an eye toward how these all intersect (to borrow phrasing from David Carr) with American Generations.

But more importantly, I like to think of blogs, at least the good ones, as the Web’s zócalo, a place to talk, to learn, to understand, to share, and to enjoy. I hope this blog can fall into that category.

So, welcome. You’re in a select group: This is a blog I can’t even get my wife, family, and friends to read (I know; I’ve seen the numbers). Please enjoy your stay, and hope you come again.


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