About me

The Publisher thanks you for visitingI’m a late 30s sometimes writer who grew up thinking politics was funny and cool based entirely on impressions formed by reading drug-addled Bill the Cat in the ’80s comic strip Bloom County. My first job out of college was for a small but quite respectable (and now defunct) weekly with a circulation of a whopping 3,500, give or take. This led to an eventual sportswriting gig at a shrinking daily owned by a profitably cheap corporation, which I left (gasp) 10 years ago. I have since discovered the joy of blogging. As in college, I am self- and peer-taught (and it probably shows).

I live with my wife and 4-year-old fireman-in-training in a small city in the Northeast that retains much of its architectural and cultural beauty despite being abandoned for the suburbs, after generations, by once-stable anchors like the local Catholic diocese and the YMCA. Still, I’ve never lived in any place where I’ve felt such a sense of belonging, though I wish some of our city leaders would see the beauty in our city and the many great aspects of modern urban living and instead quit trying so hard to bring in yet another chain-store pharmacy with a drive-thru attached. But I digress.

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