Our Conan, ourselves

Almost week-old hat tip to my man at Latchkey Man for pointing out that the excellent JenX was quoted in the Washington Post regarding the generational split that underscored the Conan-Leno divide.

My fellow Gen X writers have written about this better and with far more insight than I can at this late stage, except to add one point.

Ours is a fractured, scattered generation, and that goes beyond our upbringing. Or perhaps it goes straight to our upbringing. I don’t know. Our smaller numbers, in comparisons to the generations ahead of us and following us, already puts us at a disadvantage in setting the tone in arts, business and politics. To make things worse, our only cohesiveness, perhaps, is our lack of cohesiveness.

Maybe our generation simply has too many entertainment options, and though that is true, too, of Millennials, it seems a bigger problem for a generation over age 30, than for a generation still in their 20s, and younger. Here we are now, entertain us, indeed.


2 Comments on “Our Conan, ourselves”

  1. jen says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I was so surprised to see this, as I check in with your blog regularly to see what’s up. That was an interesting thing. I posted a link on the Conan page on Facebook to my post and that’s how the reporter found me. Interesting how easy it can be to become part of a national conversation these days – thanks to blogs and social media. Makes me wonder how reporters found sources before! Thanks, again. Onward Gen X. =)

  2. The Icepick says:

    Thanks for making us Gen Xers look good! Glad the Washington Post found you — that’s the great thing about social media, and you made some great points. Back in my day (old man voice), reporters had to rub two sticks together and walk uphill in the snow both ways to find sources!

    Thanks for reading, and sorry I’ve been lax in writing the last few months. Work’s been hectic, lot of stuff going on in our city these days, etc., etc. Plus Icepick Jr. is at the precocious age of 3½ and spending the winter bouncing off our walls with his miniature hockey stick — we use the laundry basket as our goal. But trying to write more often with the new year.

    Happy blogging!

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