Writing slump continues

It should come as no surprise to the regular readers of this blog (both of you) that I’ve been in a bit of a writer’s slump. Perhaps it’s karmic justice for my recent Mets conversion (the Amazin’s aren’t doing so hot lately (and by that I mean, the last three years), but I digress).

Related or not, my writing slump has continued on into speechwriting assignments for my day job, and I’m in a slow period for freelance work. Which means, my inability in getting untracked from this slump is impacting the part of my full-time job I enjoy the most. Much like writing on the blog.

And though the subject matter for my writing outlets rarely, if ever, overlap, I can attest that when I felt like I was hitting my stride in my “real” job, I felt productive at night with the blog (whether any of it was any good is another matter). Though they were unrelated, the two roles often seemed to feed each other, sometimes hours apart.

Seeking inspiration, I continue to remind myself of what Ted Sorensen — JFK’s speechwriter and “intellectual bloodbank,” as Charlie Rose noted — was saying in speeches and interviews over the last year or so, though for all I know, he’s probably been saying this for years: He noted that “mere words” can change the world, that “words matter.”


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