Food for thought

Great post on Whiskey Fire and I urge my two dear readers to click-through and check it out. (Apologies to Jake and WhiskeyFire for the lengthy excerpt, but consider this a teaser for the excellent full post…)

“These solutions tend to frame the problem as something that can be contained if we can predict, control or change individual behavior. I do not believe any of these are the solution, because I think this is so much larger than any individual. These massacres are a symptom of an ongoing illness, which again is why they keep popping up regularly and randomly across the nation. This urge to violence is so much a part of who we are as a society that we don’t even see it anymore. … No one writes articles or has a clip on the 6 O’Clock news about the subtle violence of children with not enough to eat, families without health insurance or being made to feel like a piece of shit when all you want is a little help from your local Department of Social Services. … Let’s not forget that all the money we spend on weapons creates the situation where we are forced to ration services to people. Violence seems to be the default setting for many of our interactions with our fellow man. How many people did you give the finger to today while driving? How many people did you snipe at, including family? Did you use the power and control you are able to exercise for good today?”


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