No office space

Latchkey Man, written by my man Wek, led me to an interesting piece from NPR’s Marketplace, from commentator Dan Drezner:

“What does this mean for the rest of us? Younger workers who expected promotions when the boomers cleared out are going to have to stew in their own juices. With this job market, looking for a better opportunity elsewhere is not in the cards. Which means that Gen X-ers are going to have to listen to baby boomers doing what they do best — talk about themselves.

“Office politics across the country are going to get a lot nastier. Of course, it could be worse. Generation Y not only has to deal with the boomers, they have to cope with people like me complaining about them.”

(h/t Latchkey Man)

To which I say, that’s depressing, but hardly surprising from the generation that revels in spending its children’s inheritance.  Meanwhile, we keep on doing what we gotta do out of a sense of pragmatism and survival. We did it while combating the Boomers’ excesses. We’ll do it now, too — self-aware and tongue-in-cheek if we have to —and our long-term survival skills will be bolstered, when it is no longer an excess for the Boomers, but a necessity in this economic climate, which, while terrible for the retiring Boomers, is absolutely gutting our peak earning years.


6 Comments on “No office space”

  1. Us Gen X’ers had a hand in the economic disaster as well. Sure, many of us were (and are) just trying to get by, but a great proportion of Gen X has spent like there is no tomorrow. We may not preach as much as the Boomers, but we have our part in the mess and will need to use our pragmatism to get our society through.

  2. jenx67 says:

    I just have to say *I* discovered Latchkey Man first. hahahaha.

  3. The Icepick says:

    @ jenx67: I feel like paraphrasing Thomas Jefferson — we are all latchkey men, we are all latchkey women (sorry, Wek).

    That’s OK. You guys can still have your college football. Here in the northeast, short of a few pockets of interest, we ask: college football, what’s that? Mmmwahahahaha.

  4. Latchkey Man says:

    Hey! Stop talking behind my back!

  5. The Icepick says:

    @ Latchkey Man: We are, as the kids say on Facebook, fans of your page. Now, what is this college football of which you and JenX speak?

  6. I have a different perspective on the Boomers and the 21st Century. I think the bulk of the Boomers who are talk-talk-talk, hug-hug-hug, teambuild-teambuild-teambuild, Let’s have a potluck! will simply not make it through the transition into the Information Age. That crap that worked in the 80s just doesn’t work anymore. So either they will be pushed out of their jobs or they will drive their companies into the ground. Either way, they are gone.

    I also want to add that I don’t think this applies to all Boomers. I work with some really forward-thinking Boomers and a few old school ones, the forward thinkers are succeeding while the others are constantly in WTF?-mode.

    And the Xers? We’ll be just fine. We’re in hurricane mode right now. The shutters are shut and everything is tied down. And once this recession is over, we’ll fix a few shingles on the roof, and be good-to-go.

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