March Classic

Maybe it was the long Northeast winter, maybe it’s because we now get the MLB Network and I’m desperate for some games that aren’t overwhelmed by the Bristol Galactus (including college hoops, where you seem to be unable to avoid the ESPN marketing juggernaut), but am I the only American who is enjoying the World Baseball Classic?

I don’t go in for nationalism, heck, I’m not necessarily pulling for the U.S. team (though I was thrilled with their finish the other night, with KevinYoukilis walking with the bases loaded and David Wright getting the game-winning hit, and as a Yankee fan, I had no problem cheering for these players from the Red Sox the Mets), I’m just into watching me some baseball that isn’t the usual waste-of-time that spring training games are.

Maybe it’s the relative newness of the tournament, maybe it’s I’m having a hard time warming up to the Yankees and their monstrous new stadium, with the corporate seats (going begging, it seems), the government (and political) greasing, and the destruction of Macombs Dam Park in a part of the city (the South Bronx) that really didn’t need to lose parkland for its kids.

Whatever the reason, I’m enjoying baseball returning, if only for this pre-spring event in mid-March.

(That said, I was starting to worry that here they go again, starting a game tonight on prime-time TV in the rain, Mother Nature and potential injuries be damned, but it looks like they’re moving along.)


And continuing on the sports theme for the moment, had to say that this made me smile, especially for a class act like Dan Rooney:

Obama Names Steelers’ Owner Ambassador to Ireland


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