State of Nature

Since the start of this year, our neighborhood church, our baby’s day care and one of our former newspaper employers have announced they were closing for good. Tonight we found out that our favorite local Chinese restaurant is closing, too, after 37 years. While we’ve been fortunate and count our blessings to not have faced the axe ourselves (if not so for all of our friends), the place where I occasionally write part-time has laid-off staff in the last three months. All around us, our comforting places and the institutions we shared with our son have had enough and are closing shop, belying the stability we thought we all had. It’s enough to make you wonder if, to paraphrase a line from The Dark Knight (which I watched again the other evening, and is therefore on my brain) we’re watching the world burn.

On the other hand, tonight in the cold in our urban backyard, I surprised a pale-faced possum who sauntered off along the outside of our garage, and I watched two gray rabbits sit silent and still and then scamper away flashing fluffy white cotton tails.


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