Alter: Passing the torch

Jonathan Alter (erstwhile Baby Boomer columnist; it’s OK, I’m a fan) writes recently in Newsweek on the positive legacy of the Boomers, the next generations, new technology, Chicago, and the election of Barack Obama. Here’s a good sample:

For all of their narcissism, these baby boomers proved good at one thing—raising children. Their offspring, on balance, turned out to be more politically practical and socially responsible.

I’d argue that our latch-key childhood might disprove Alter’s initial observation, but his argument in essentially in the right place: the initial enthusiasm and then disillusionment of the politically active Baby Boomers did, finally, lead to the next generations to become as politically active — even if perhaps history shows it was the Millennials, and not my fellow cynical and practical Generation X’ers, who were more responsible for Obama’s rise and victory.

With thanks to William Safire for leading me to this article (see newer post).


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