No more ‘Play,’ boys and girls

OK, I know the Times is going after the “luxury goods” reader, what with their Real Estate articles on what-can-$3-million-buy-you?, but was shutting down their quarterly Play magazine really necessary? It was the rare intelligent sports magazine in a sea of Bristol-inspired insipidity.

Or was I the only one who read it (maybe so, since it was apparently bleeding money)? Geek that I am, I looked forward to buying the Sunday Times on those few weeks ahead of its publication. Sad too, from the paper that launched Buster Olney — one of the best beat writers covering the Yankess’ recent dynasty of the late Nineties and early ’00s — into the upper crust of sportswriters (sadly, Buster is now in Bristol’s clutches, too).

Put another way: Play is gone, but I still need to recycle T magazine on a regular basis?


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