This card-carrying cynic got him some hope

I’m with my fellow generational cohorts with the heaping dose of inspiration Obama’s election has provided (and please read quickly past the first page of Heather Havrilesky’s Open Apology to Boomers Everywhere in and get to the second page, where she gets past the Boomer-bashing and really brings the uplifting argument home for my generation (at least fellow progressive ones, anyway). Or just check out her blog post on the matter).

But I’ll be damned if I have to turn in my Cynic’s Club card at the door. There is still Congressional leadership that has not distinguished itself in two years in power. (Case in point: where, exactly, are the balls of the leadership in punting Lieberman from his chairmanship? No, let’s drag this out some more, and drag the rest of the Senate majority down with it.) (An aside: am I the only progressive who’s happy that the Democrats did not reach the filibuster-proof threshold of 60 in the Senate, tempting as it sounded?)

There’s Eliot Spitzer’s betrayal that would still rattle New York State if not for the redemptive pragmatism and tough-love shown by Governor David Paterson.

And most of all, there’s still the culture warriors like the farthest Right wing that support Gov. Palin and watch fellow Gen X’er (shudder) Sean Hannity.

But, yes, I do feel like a new day is coming (sniff. a tear.) on Jan. 20. Not only has Obama brought a large measure of pride back to this country, but he’s made it cool to be a progressive again (even a cynically realistic meat-eating progressive like yours truly).

Perhaps I trade in that cynic’s card for a Realist-Pragmatist’s one — I’m sure the President-elect carries one in his pocket. (“The campaign is over, but the campaign for America is not over,” Newark Mayor Cory Booker just said on MSNBC).

Or maybe I just carry both cards.


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