Wardrobe critics malfunction

Interesting piece from CNN’s Cambell Brown (covered on Political Punch). I have to agree. True someone portraying themselves as a middle American hockey mom seems to be bit of a hypocrite if she’s wearing expensive outfits. But, as Brown says, where is the discussion of the wardrobe of the other candidates (any of them)? In fact, Michelle Obama’s wardrobe draws more attention that does the suits of the male candidates. This was true for Sen. Clinton’s campaign — as much as I respect Sen. Clinton, I thought her campaign was run very poorly and largely trafficked in Boomer entitlement and the old ways of divisiveness. I disliked her approach — what she said and how she said it — and frankly and honestly believe that she lost to a great and inspiring candidate. But I felt the wardrobe and appearance criticisms were out of line. As they are now.

More importantly, to spend time dissecting appearances means less time dissecting the overwhelming appearances of hate and fear in Gov. Palin’s campaigning. That she’s an inspiring speaker makes this more dangerous (in whipping up crowd frenzy), and more regrettable (in seeing Palin abusing her own obvious potential). That’s got nothing to do with what she’s wearing.


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