A pleasant tomorrow?

A good sense of humor, good sport, what else can you say? I may find her politics hateful and hate-inducing, and she certainly didn’t recite anything edgy on Saturday Night Live (well, what did you expect from a politician from either side of the aisle?), but Gov. Palin can spark a crowd like no one since, well, Sen. Obama. If her politics weren’t so awful — it’s nearly unbelievable (or is it anymore?) that she said she was happy to see the “pro-America” part of the country, as if the rest of us are anti-American? — you’d wish her political future well. In fact, The Root had an interesting article postulating an Obama-Palin ticket — placing the two Gen X candidates together, representing the changing political landscape of the country.

If Palin can cut down on the hate-promoting rallies and culture war-inducing rhetoric (which beget more hate) and instead stick strictly to her political views and to policy (however much I may diagree), then I can see her someday as a viable and worthy foil for the Democrats and a smart and inspiring leader for the next generation of conservatives.

But for now, her positions represent the politics of divisiveness, ignorance and hate. And unfortunately, the hate-rhetoric can carry a politician a long way. I hope, for my generation’s sake (if not for the GOP’s) that she soon departs from that path and instead she grows up and into the conservative values from the likes of William F. Buckley and Ronald Reagan and not those of our current anti-intellectual president and his moloch, Karl Rove.


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