Fair game?

Sen. McCain’s VP choice and her very public position on the Abortion debate aside, I have been uncomfortable with some aspects of the discussion over her teen daughter’s pregnancy. While very relevant in light of Gov. Palin’s anti-Choice politics, and relevant to the so-called Family Values debates and the moral high ground claimed by the Republicans, that’s exactly where the line should be drawn and end. Does it mean the VP is a bad mom more focused on her career than her children? There’s a lot to criticize Sarah Palin over, and I’m not sure I’m ready to level that as a criticism.

Now, does it relate to her anti-Choice politics and the general Republican theme that strong morals and a Family Values-style upbringing is the sole cure to curbing teenage pregnancy (and evidently all the other ills perpetrated by those godless liberals)? You bet it relates. But I almost want to wear kid gloves with her over this whole issue.

Perhaps it’s that I know enough wonderful non-traditional families in which the children were born to a young mom, or to unmarried couples, or to adoptive parents (married or united). So as much as the debate relates to Palin and McCain — and even the quick statements from their campaigns that the young couple will wed makes me wonder if, in trying to show that the couple is “doing the right thing,” they’re also leveling a subtle insult to non-traditional families — I must admit to some discomfort over some of the criticism.

Now, on the other hand, her prior (though very recent) courtship of the Alaskan secessionists and her husband’s enrollment in that party is more than fair game — the gloves come off for that one, and come off with a quickness. Talking Points Memo closes their recent post on this issue with this:

It’s worth pondering how big a deal it would be if Obama had ever courted the support of a group whose head had said this kind of thing about America and her flag. Oh, wait…

And while we’re on it, questions about the State Trooper scandal and her lobbyist’s connections are also open to close public examination.


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