I officially imported all my previous posts from the Blogger site to this WordPress site, which is why this site’s archive is now much larger than it used to be.

So with the exception of some items that I previously posted on both sites (mostly on different dates, and which are all footnoted), anything on this site with a date prior to early to mid-May was originally published on one of my two Blogger sites.

Meanwhile, please bear with us while we remove some of the duplicative posts that appeared after importing from

What’s this mean for you, dear reader? Not much. WordPress still makes commenting easier and better looking (I think you can upload your own avatar, or use one of WordPress’ canned images). I don’t love the font of this theme, and will change the theme eventually, but overall, WordPress presents a more professional appearance, and more consistent look (I know the Blogger site looked a little different on IE vs. Firefox, and didn’t always load correctly). Still, we’re still on the fence between the two platforms. This is merely an announcement saying the two sites now have all the same archived content (I think).

Otherwise, this post is mostly useless and boring to you, though it fulfills my self-promise to keep things apparent while fulfilling my contradictory promise of remaining mostly semi-anonymous. You can go about your business. Move along! Move along.


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