Blocked by Blogger

Google-owned Blogger blocked my The Icepick blog off their Blogspot site because their “spam-detection robots” tagged my blog as spam. I submitted the requisite online form, which was met with the requisite indifference. It says it can take up to four business days to review, because reviewing has to be done by a lazy human, instead of an ambitious “robot.” Isn’t this how The Terminator series began?

This happened Thursday night, so we’re looking at Wednesday at the earliest because before I can post there. That is, if they are true to their word. Reading their unhelpful “Help” forums, I’ve been reading horror stories that it can take weeks, and once tagged, many bloggers in the Help forums say they’ve been nailed again.

So, first off, let me say how disappointed I am in this from Blogger. True, it is a free service, but so is most people’s e-mails. Can you imagine your e-mail or your free Facebook, or LinkedIn or MySpace account frozen for a week or more?

That said, I shouldn’t be surprised that an impenetrable monolithic corporation like Google-owned Blogger is not responsive to its customers’ needs. Why do they care? They’re still printing money. Oh, maybe one of their HelpDesk personnel can claim understaffing while trying to justify what part of their soul they sold to work for such a greedy corporation. If a company that’s owned by Google is understaffed, then we’re in worse economic times than I thought.

So, much like Lou Gehrig filling in for Wally Pipp, you snooze, you lose. With my Blogspot blog now apparently blocked until the next business day of Monday, at least (unless Blogger is reviewing from Honolulu, since all continental U.S. business days have ended), it’s WordPress’ time to shine. I’ll be blogging here until my Blogspot address is unlocked, and maybe a lot longer, if I like it.


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