The End of the Republic 1.

Reason No. 1 (tonight) for the End of the Republic:

SNL tonight is followed by Wacked Out Sports. Whatever happened to Showtime at the Apollo?! Note, this is on NBC, not ESPN-8—The Ocho.

(Reason No. 1a: Paulie Walnuts is still doing Denny’s Commercials.)

UPDATED, 1:32 a.m.: Reason No. 1b: This was followed up with a ‘Friends’ “episode.” I am now attempting to jam the Labatt’s bottle through my eye.

That’s all I got tonight.


One Comment on “The End of the Republic 1.”

  1. girthy says:

    they pulled showtime after it was determined that it was really run by the reverend jeremiah wright.

    god damn america. no, really.

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