Hi, Mom? I’m on HBO

Was not terribly impressed with Joe Calzaghe’s victorious performance over Bernard Hopkins last Saturday in the light heavyweight fight. I guess when they said he wasn’t showing much punching power, you could actually see it. Still, he remained undefeated with a split decision over the aging Hopkins.

What I want to know is why was Sylvester Stallone, clearly sitting in like, the fourth row and in view of the camera, wildly gesturing as if he were commenting on the fight to the guy sitting next to him. He looked like one of those crazy tourists that wave behind the Today Show talkers.


One Comment on “Hi, Mom? I’m on HBO”

  1. Kelly Anne says:

    I watched this fight and remember nothing except for laughing at the jerks in the front row seats. I also think I may have drank a lot that night, but still– Stallone was worth the price of admission. (And keep in mind, I don’t pay for cable.)

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