Evening buzz 1.

Random thoughts this evening while the coffee buzz again wears off:

And I thought we had it bad when we had a landlord that controlled the “free” heat (he kept it below, like, 60 degrees during the daytime, back when I was working nights — we tricked the box-locked thermostat by laying icepacks on top of it). Story from Daily News, via Gawker.

Best way to drink up this weekend.

I like this guy. Newsflash for Gannett: local people like local news. Second newsflash: People don’t like stuff that sucks.

I also love this follow-up criticism surely from a Gannett zombie (“one of us, one of us, one of us”). Complainer’s Alec-Baldwin-in-Glengarry-Glen-Ross-like comment: If you don’t like it, leave. That’s priceless! “All for company!”

Wonder if this fascist judge knows that at the rate he plans to impose these fines, he should hit this journo’s annual salary in about 18 days (via Romenesko, who also turned us onto the Gannett blog, and the blog after the jump).

More coffee, more coffee (thanks again, Romenseko for turning me on to this blog.


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