It’s Over. It Continues.

Random thoughts on the series finale of The Wire

(Warning: spoilers ahead).

Best line of the night:
You think it needed doing, I guess it did.

—McNulty to Kima. Good advice to those of us are righteous, and suffer from righteousness

Second best line of the night:
This sentimental motherfucker just cost us money.

—Older drug dealer, dismayed at Method Man’s sudden departure

Saddest moment: Does it need to said? Dukie’s fate. Watch the early scenes again with him and Mr. Prezbo and see Dukie’s subtle humor and non-committal nature, and how Bubbles used to do the same thing.

And before you get all “they-tied-it-up-too-neatly,” there is a reason why Michael becomes Omar, Dukie becomes Bubbles, Sydnor becomes the new McNulty, Carcetti becomes Governor and Daniels doesn’t become Commissioner. Maybe individuals can (see: Bubbles), but the institutions don’t.

Regrading the newspaper coverage: OK, let’s say it now, because the drumbeat of media critics against this should crescendo around Tuesday. It was perfect. The industry doesn’t change, and those who are on the right side aren’t fired — they never let you off that easy. Instead you get sent to the purgatory of demotion or shit assignments where they can continue to flay you.

Also, this stuff had the least amount of screen time, and for good reasons. You guys are journalists, and I think what David Simon is saying is that you are important, but not as important as you think. There’s a reason the cops, drug dealers and addicts and politicians get more screen time (and perhaps, why their stories have greater weight). They’re more important than you, journos (important, in that, they impact more lives on a daily basis than you ever will). You guys are observers. You’re the Fourth Estate for a reason. You’re not the First, Second or Third Estate. Remember that when you get all superior.

If Andre Royo doesn’t win an Emmy for Bubbles, especially after last episode (“Ain’t no shame to carry grief in your heart. Just got to make sure there’s room for something else”.)

More great lines:

Shit is like a war. Easy to get in, hell to get out.

—Bunk to McNulty

There ain’t no back in the day. Ain’t no nostalgia to this shit here.

—Cheese Wagstaff (Method Man), something we all need to remember, me especially

The truth that doesn’t bend breaks.
Bend too far, you’re broken already.

—Marla and Cedric Daniels

I just wanted to see something new every day, write a story about it.

—Gus Haynes

Fuck. Fuck. Fuuck. Fuck fuck. Fuck.

—The guy muttering in the corner of the newsroom, for no apparent reason other than because he’s eating cottage cheese for lunch
—That’s me, every working day, circa 1994-2038.


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