Don’t look at those freaks, look at me!

Best in Show is an acknowledged classic over in these parts. No discussion. It’s like a unanimous decision, only with more people.

But even I wouldn’t wish this irrelevant silliness on the yuppie couple with the weimaraner and the busy bee.

Never knew if the whole Fishkill thing was a hoax or not (this was a PoJournal front pager), but this is about when I finally stopped paying attention to these people. Y’all remember that, don’cha?

But, hey, you don’t think self-promotion — rather than shedding light on the pet-shelter crisis — was their real motive, do you?… Don’t look at all the fat-ass losers, they’re freaks! You look at us!!!

I think that’s about enough on this topic.

moar humorous pics


One Comment on “Don’t look at those freaks, look at me!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wait until they find out about the AKC’s secret eugenics experiments.

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