Cranky this morning 2.

Am I too naive to think Krugman is wrong? If so, why doesn’t he ask Eliot Spitzer how well that worked out so far. Of course, Spitzer came in with great promise, then went on to antagonize everyone, his own party members included. Not that the state Legislature didn’t deserve it, up and down. But do we really need another combative and polarizing president?

Sorry, cranky and naive this morning. Still, the NY Leg is self-interested, preservationist and essentially useless, doing more bad than good most times. Not that Congress ain’t (can’t believe I’m sort-of defending Congress), but maybe because more people (slightly) give a shit about Congress — whereas only politcal junkies and people in Buffalo follow the mostly irrelevant Statehouse — whereas you might be able to shame Congress into working with you. I know that’s somewhat of Spitzer’s failed strategy from a year ago; the difference is, no one really cares about the NY Leg.

Of course, with Cranky Post 1. this morning, no one’s gonna be following Congress either pretty soon, because they’re ain’t gonna be any more newspapers.

Shit, 11:30 a.m. ain’t close enough.


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