Get girthy

I am trying to make, before I get through, a picture of the whole world — or as much of it as I have seen. Boiling it down always, rather than spreading it out thin.

—Ernest Hemingway, as quoted in Ernest Hemingway On Writing

Be not afraid — be girthy.

If you’re like us, and your interests include the Sunset of the Empire and Sport (“Gladiators, I salute you”), don’t delay. Meet The Girth and Baby Girth. Go click; people, it’s time to get girthy.

The irony. The pity. We’re all in.


2 Comments on “Get girthy”

  1. girthy says:

    “Sunset of the Empire”… i hate u, what a chill line.

    back to rome redux. thanks for the girthy plug.

    btw, girthy is lowercase.

  2. The Editor says:

    headline corrected, you lower-case–writing meat-eater. P.S. Thanks for the plug, too. No, we were just leaving.

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